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Netrasemi got selected as futureDESIGN startup at SemiconIndia function organised by MeitY, Receives financial support under DLI scheme

15 May 2023

Netrasemi, a fabless chip company, has been recognized and supported by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in India. They received the futureDESIGN startup award and financial incentives under the Design Linked Incentive program. This reflects the government's commitment to the semiconductor sector and Netrasemi's potential as a chip design leader. The company's CEO was honored during the SemiconIndia futureDESIGN roadshow. With this support, Netrasemi is poised to expand, accelerate research, and contribute to India's chip design industry.

Netrasemi, a fabless chip company has garnered recognition and support from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in India. The company received futureDESIGN startup award in the 3rd SemiconIndia futureDESIGN roadshow held at IIT , New Delhi on May 12. The roadshow was attended by leaders from semicon majors like Renessas, Qualcomm, NxP , investors and leaders from Indian technology sector.

During the prestigious event, Jyothis Indirabhai, the Chief Executive Officer of Netrasemi, was presented with a memento by Mr. Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology. In a major boost, the company also receives financial incentives under DLI (Design Linked Incentive of up to ₹15 Crore) and design infrastructure to develop their AI/ML system on chips. This recognition symbolizes the commitment of the Government of India into the semiconductor sector and the potential of Netrasemi to address advanced chip requirements of the country and its mission to become a semiconductor leader in the years to come.

The substantial support awarded to Netrasemi will facilitate the acceleration of their research and development efforts, expansion of operations, and pursuit of cutting-edge chip design projects.

The selection of Netrasemi by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for this prestigious recognition and incentives underscores the government's commitment to fostering indigenous startups in the technology sector. By investing in companies like Netrasemi, the government seeks to strengthen the domestic semiconductor industry and promote innovation across the country.

Netrasemi's success story serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and chip designers, not just in Kerala but nationwide. It highlights the vibrant and thriving startup ecosystem in India, showcasing the immense potential that exists within the country's technology landscape.

With the government support and recognition, Netrasemi is poised to make significant strides and cement its position as a key player in the chip design industry.

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